entenimageOh hai!

Some parts of the Internet know me as the Crazy Merch Lady because my collection of random pop culture things grew a bit big over time :D So here I am, making a website for us all to enjoy, embedding the international commercials I restored with my tiny video editing skills, sharing my thoughts on toys, conventions, cosplays, podcasts and what not! And of course I'm planning on presenting you some awesome stuff people around the world make and do, either by drawing, sewing, filming, talking into microphones and pretending to be one of our favorite characters, customizing or collecting even more stuff than I did ;) 

I want to make this place something I'd myself like to visit, a place to get information, read stories, watch some good old clips and indulge in social media madness! Be warned: I got Facebook and Instagram and I'm willing to use them! :P I hope you find the things you're looking for! Have a good one!


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